Global Startup Studio Network increases access to studio operational processes, human & financial capital.
The Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) is now powered by Morrow.

Learn more about GSSN and our other networks, GAN and GHN on our new website,

Find the white paper, Disrupting the Venture Studio Landscape and read our CEO, Pat Riley's announcement to members and others. For those interested in membership in Morrow and GSSN, let's connect.

GSSN highly-curated community
of the world's venture studios,
startup studios, company builders,
and venture builders.

We're all on a mission to create successful startups.
GSSN exists for studios to share ideas, recommend great people,
network globally, and raise capital for their portfolio companies.

Who is part of GSSN?

Company builders. ​They solve real problems by matching great business ideas
with proven entrepreneurs and then they take those ideas, test them, and back them with funding,
along with a set of defined resources, in order to launch and grow powerful startups ready to scale.
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