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Upcoming Events
The Creative Capital Studio Model
Speaker: Jules Ehrhardt, Founder at FKTRY
July 18, 2019
9:00am - 10:00am MDT
Jules will run through his mission to help the Creative Class reshape the economy, the thinking behind and approach to the model, as well as the multiple funding models surfaced in this nascent category. (See his piece on The Origin and Evolution of the Startup Studio)
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Educating Investors
Speaker: Andy Kieffer, General Partner at Agave Lab
August 22, 2019
9:00am - 10:00am MDT

GAN Momentum Tour 2019

The GAN Momentum Tour is a five-stop global tour that will focus on creating opportunities for startups to succeed and gain traction, wherever they are.
Past Events
Speaker: Wenyi Cai, Founder & CEO at Polymath Ventures
Polymath has proven its ability to manufacture value using an international, methodological approach to build innovative technology companies.
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Speaker: Michael van Lier, Founder & CEO at We Are Builders
Key learnings to build the startup studio of your dreams. How to stop wasting human capital and how a studio is the framework for beating the odds
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Speaker: Attila Szigeti, Author of "Startup Studio Playbook"
Where to look for hidden risks when creating your venture builder.
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The Corporate Perspective
Speaker: Kelly LaPierre, Innovation Consultant at American Family Insurance
Using the Startup Studio model to structure Corporate Innovation Labs, co-create startups with Corporates, and the challenges of working with Corporates.
Sprint Week
Speaker: Ryan Larcom, Director of Operations at High Alpha
High Alpha's background lies in both starting companies from concept to businesses and scaling companies from $10M to $100M and beyond. At High Alpha, Ryan combines his passion for user-centric design with his strategic skills to lead the ideation & new business creation process that ultimately launches a new startup several times per year.
Speaker: Alex Maleki, VP of Business Development at Idealab
Founded in 1996, Idealab is the longest running startup studio. They have started over 150 companies with more than 45 IPOs and acquisitions.
Advisory Funds
Speaker: Jesse Lawrence, CEO at Boulder Bits
Boulder Bits is a startup studio based in Colorado. The Bits team created an advisors' fund to incentivize and align their studio employees so that their primary goal is creating great companies. In this virtual roundtable, Jesse will share his process and reasons behind creating the fund.
Corporation Partnerships
Speaker: Philip Peterson, Partner at Prehype
Prehype is a venture development firm; they innovate with experience design, company incubation and skunkworks projects. Philip will discuss what he's learned from partnering with corporations and how those learnings can be implemented in other startup studio models.
Finding and Developing Talent
Speaker: Ash Kirvan, Managing Director at Littlepoint Capital / Advisor at Polymath Ventures
Littlepoint Capital is a diversified investment platform that provides niche fund products to global investors. Prior, Ash was a Founding Partner at Polymath Ventures, a company-builder for emerging markets.
The 3 Keys to a Successful Studio
Speaker: Chris Collins, Principal at Human Ventures
Based in NYC, Human Ventures is one of the world’s leading studios with 15+ companies in their portfolio. According to Chris’ research, the keys to a successful studio can be attributed to three factors: (1) unique theme and/or industry expertise, (2) proprietary value-add service platform, and (3) effective hands-on involvement at the earliest stage.
Unpacking the Origins of Startup Studios
Speaker: Sergio Marrero, Venture University
Our second Virtual Roundtable was led by Sergio from Venture University in Silicon Valley. Sergio dug deep into the startup studio model during his time at Harvard and recently did a TedTalk on the subject:
Problems + Solutions in Startup Studios
What was the biggest problem that you faced in your studio in the last year, but more importantly, what was the solution that helped you get through it? Perhaps this had to do with financing a project, sourcing the perfect person for a role, or something similar. This virtual meeting was an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better and find ways to help each other grow by sharing these solutions. Each guest came with a problem+solution that they shared for up to 5 minutes.
Understand why the startup studio model might be best for you, gain insights on talent and capital, and so much more.
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