Become a CEO with a Startup Studio
Future founders join studios around the world to create companies together. Founders will take these unique ideas and build independent companies out of them. The studio will provide the capital, resources, network, and benefits along the way so the founder has everything they need to focus on building and scaling their venture.

A future founder uses the studio blueprint to create, scale, learn, and pivot their way to a thriving organization. The founder will be the one to work on the product, build the team, and establish a strong company culture.

Startup studios take the administrative weight off of the shoulders of the founder, so that they can focus 100% of their efforts on building the business.

Experience startup studios are seeking: 
1. Ability to articulate a vision, internally and externally.
2. Ability to attract and retain top talent.
3. Ability to raise capital.
4. Deep sector/domain experience and expertise and interest/potential.
5. A specific functional specialization (product, development, marketing, sales).
6. Geographic interest and flexibility

Characteristics studios are looking for in a founder: 
1. Passion for entrepreneurship.
2. Problem solver, proactive strategic thinker.
3. Experience working with C-level management and boards.
4. You can manage a team and know how to coach people.
5. Previous C-level experience.

Each studio has different criteria based on their focused industry, culture, and/or location. We recommend looking through the startup studio’s websites to learn more about their personality and models.

You can submit your information to become a future founder using the link to the right. We will get in touch with you when there is an opportunity open that might be a good fit! 
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